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Welcome!  This page is hosted on a Raspberry Pi from my home network.  Goto the VR Metaverse Server with your headset browser here (i.e example Oculus Quest 2).


The idea is a Private Metaverse System that IS NOT a corporation-hosted solution, but instead is a self-hosted edge computing VR environment. It has no compnent which collects personal data for advertising or any other purpose. It is self contained and hack resistant.

A privately owned metaverse can be an integrated home control AIoT system, accessible securely from inside virtual reality/augmented reality locally and on the internet while traveling.

It allows you the ability to invite others into a private home hosted VR Art Studio, VR Home Office, VR House Party or other home hosted VR immersive experiences.

The system requirements will initially function and be built with open source hardware and software (such as the Raspberry Pi 4), but can easily be integrate with commercial consumer products as well.

The beginnings of an early research and development idea here combining a Raspberry Pi 4 with VR Oculus Quest 2 headset hosted on a home cable network provider.